Summer Seafood For A Healthy Mouth

seafoodLast week we discussed how making a few adjustments to your favorite summertime foods could have you supporting your dental implants all season long. Today sedation dentistry Florence, SC provider Dr. Griffin want to talk about another classic summertime treat that needs no adjustments in order to be healthy; fish and seafood.

Now that it’s summer people across the nation are going to be gathering up their friends, family, and fishing gear in order to get outside and make some memories. Many people love to go on fishing trips during the summer and due to the results of some recent studies dentists everywhere are going to be supporting the pastime of fishing with enthusiasm. Fish and seafood may just be the next big thing in oral health.

Omega-3’s For Healthy Gums

When it comes to aiding your teeth with food, there are plenty of different types that are good for them. For instance, fruits and veggies are great for your teeth because of the fiber they contain. Fiber facilitates saliva production and saliva is your mouth’s natural defense against bacteria. The there’s dairy which is great for your teeth for the calcium it contains.

However, what about your gums? It seems people overlook the importance healthy gum tissue plays in overall oral health. This is concerning to dentists.

Your gum tissue is actually what hold your teeth in place, along with your jawbone. They also play a vital role in the rest of your oral health.

However, recent research is revealing that we can help keep our gums healthy by consuming plenty of omega-3 fatty acids.

Guess what food item is rich in omega-3’s? Fish and seafood!

It is already a well-established fact that omega-3’s are one of nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatories. Their role in cardiovascular health has long since been acknowledged by the medical community. Recent studies are now revealing that the latest beneficiaries of omega-3’s are our gums.

So why not do your teeth, mouth, and gums a favor this summer and increase the amount of fish and seafood you eat this season.

Let’s Get Local

Now that we know about the amazing things seafood can do for your gums and dental implants, let’s talk about local places to find a fresh bite. Now, searching for seafood in Cherry Hill, NJ can bring up quite a few results on the Google. This can get a bit overwhelming. With this in mind, we figured we would save you some footwork and tell you about one of our favorite places to get some fresh seafood.

Tubb’s Shrimp and Fish Co. is an amazing local fish restaurant and market. If you are looking for a great place to get some fresh seafood then this is the place. There Slogan is “Soulful. Southern. Seafood.”

If you aren’t sure what item from the menu to pick, we suggest trying the catch of the day.

Until next time readers, keep smiling.