Teeth Friendly Summertime Tips

summerIt’s officially summer time. In case you weren’t aware, summertime is the season most synonymous with sweet treats that help you beat the heat like ice cream, popsicles, Slurpees, ice cold sodas, and juice. Unfortunately, however tasty these frosty snacks might be, none of them are very good for your teeth. That being said sedation dentistry Florence, SC dentist Dr. Griffin wants to share with you some tips on how to protect your teeth this season without having to skimp on summertime treats.

Pick Up Some Straws

One thing nearly everyone indulges in during summertime is soda pop. However, soda pop is a known menace to your teeth and gums for being chock full of sugar. This means having too much soda could land you in the dentist’s office in need of sedation dentistry for a cavity or worse. Straws are a great tool for protecting your teeth from the sugars found in soda pop.

Straws also come in a bevy of shapes, colors, and sizes. A fancy straw can add a bit of goofy pizzazz to any drink you might be sipping poolside this summer. An added bonus to straws in that kids love them as well. So while you might be protecting your teeth, you are also protecting their little chompers as well. Just make sure they don’t run anywhere while drinking from a straw. That might not end well.

When you drink from a straw it allows the liquid you are consuming to enter your mouth with the least amount of contact with your teeth. This means that the sugar in soda pop can be swallowed before it has a chance to cover your teeth in the same way it would if you were drinking it straight from a cup.

And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a crazy straw?

Make Homemade Popsicles

Another classic treat enjoyed by everyone during the warm summer months are popsicles. These frozen treats can cool you off in a matter of seconds, and they taste great as well. Unfortunately, most popsicles these days are made from fruit juices that are more part sugar than they are fruit.

However, you can mitigate this problem. The next time you are in the grocery store, pick up some sugar-free, 100% fruit juice in your favorite flavor. You can then freeze this juice into your own homemade popsicles!

If you are looking to give your popsicles a little extra flare, then try slicing pieces of fresh fruit like  nectarines, strawberries, and raspberries and adding them to the juice before you freeze it into popsicles. Not only will doing this make the popsicles even healthier for your teeth by adding fiber (which is great for your oral health) it will make them look cooler too!

Another great thing about choosing to make teeth friendly homemade popsicles is that you can bring them to the next summer function you attend. Simply stick the in them in the freezer and bring them out when it’s time to serve dessert. This is yet another way to not only protect your own teeth but the teeth of your friends and family as well!

We hope these friendly tips from all of us here at the Advanced Dental Center of Florence have helped you set your summer off to a healthy start!

Until next time readers, keep smiling.