Top 10 Causes of Sensitive Teeth

A woman should seek sedation dentistry so her tooth sensitivity can be taken care ofIt’s generally not advised to ignore teeth sensitivity. It could be a sign of underlying oral health issues, and the sources may surprise you. But some patients in Florence, SC have trouble visiting the dentist about their issues due to dental fears or anxiety. At Advanced Dental Center of Florence, we offer comfortable sedation dentistry to help alleviate your fears so we can take a look at what the problem may be. In the meantime, check out our list below of top reasons that patients have tooth sensitivity.

You brush too hard.

While brushing your teeth is always encouraged, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Over-brushing can be rough on your gums and teeth, scraping away the protective enamel. But brushing in moderation or switching to a soft-bristle brush can help alleviate the sensitivity.

You grind your teeth.

A lot of the sensitivity problems can be led back to the reduction of enamel for various reasons. Bad teeth grinding is another bad habit that can strip away layers of enamel. To avoid the worst of this condition, ask us about which mouthguard could help stop your grinding. The best ones are custom-made, so ask us about molding some custom mouthguards for you.

You recently underwent a dental treatment.

It’s actually pretty common to experience some tooth sensitivity after having dental work done, especially root canals, fillings, or crown placements. It should go away after some time, but if the sensitivity persists long after the procedure, contact us to give you an evaluation.

Check your toothpaste.

Our Florence, SC patients may not realize that their toothpaste is to blame for their sensitivity. For example, you may be more sensitive to some chemicals in teeth whitening toothpaste than other patients. If your teeth sensitivity persists, try switching toothpaste to see if it helps.

You frequently use mouthwash.

Just like toothpaste, some mouthwashes you find in the store can contain chemicals that you’re sensitive to. This doesn’t necessarily mean they’re dangerous, but try to switch mouthwashes to see if it helps, or ask us about neutral fluoride mouthwashes.

Cracked or chipped teeth.

When your tooth is damaged, such as cracked or chipped teeth, it can expose the more sensitive inner layers of your tooth. If damage like this occurs, see us right away to assess the damage and determine if you need any emergency dentistry.

You eat too much acidic food.

We’re sure you’ve heard before that acidic foods, like carbonated drinks and citrus, can eat away at your enamel. Another source of acid could be everyday foods like tomatoes, kiwis, and sour fruits. While you can still enjoy these foods, it’s important to brush your teeth after consumption, so that it doesn’t ruin the oral health of your teeth.

Your age.

Don’t be surprised to find that your teeth are extra sensitive between the ages of 25 and 30. If it becomes painful or especially irritating, feel free to contact us to find a solution.

Do you have gum disease?

Having inflamed gums causes some gum recession and exposes the sensitive roots of your teeth. If you’re looking a little long in the tooth and have sore gums, get evaluated for gum disease (also known as gingivitis).

You may have tooth decay.

Similar to gum disease, having inflammation at the root, or dark patches and pits on your teeth could be a sign that you have tooth decay; it’s another source of sensitivity that is also the second most common disease after the common cold.

Sedation Dentistry for Your Tooth Sensitivity

If you’re riddled with tooth sensitivity, and none of the changes above are making a difference, it’s time to visit the dentist at Advanced Dental Center of Florence. Are you afraid of the dentist, or had a previously bad experience? Don’t panic. We offer safe and effective sedation dentistry: you won’t be put in a deep sleep, but rather a deep state of relaxation where you can still communicate with the dentist with relief. Contact us today if this sounds like something you’re interested in. Our Florence, SC sedation dentistry providers are ready and willing to assist with your needs.