Sedation Dentistry FAQs

At our practice in Florence, SC, we love to help patients relieve their anxiety in preparation for their necessary treatments. However, we’ve noticed during the consultations that we’re often hearing the same questions over and over. For your convenience, we’ve addressed the most common questions here and have answered them as well.

What is conscious sedation?

The common belief is that sedation will cause the patient to go into a deep sleep, close to unconsciousness, but that’s not the case with conscious sedation. Conscious sedation is a milder form of relaxation that helps suppress those feelings of fear and anxiety without putting the patient to sleep. You will still be awake and able to communicate with us and the dentist during your procedure, but you will feel a deep sense of relief and calm to boot. Also, patients will still have little to no memory at all of the procedure.

Should I see a sedation dentist instead of my general dentist?

Yes. If you will be seeking sedation dentistry to help alleviate your fears, we highly recommend that you see a dentist certified in sedation dentistry. Not only can we still provide the treatments you need, but it will be done comfortably and efficiently. One of the most important aspects when looking for a sedation dentist is to check their certifications. At Advanced Dental Center of Florence, we would be happy to walk you through our certifications, so you can feel assured that your health and safety is in great hands.

Is sedation expensive?

The cost of sedation dentistry will depend on a few factors – how many procedures or treatments you are having done, and what type of sedation dentistry you need. At Advanced Dental Center of Florence, we accept most dental insurance providers and our financial advisors would be happy to help you navigate the filing process. We also have affordable payment plans, split payments, monthly payments, and more.

We also participate in the patient financing service CareCredit Financial. They offer 0% interest payment plans with no credit checks required. If you’re interested in learning more about qualifying for this service, feel free to ask our financial advisor.

What procedures can I use sedation with?

Sedation dentistry is compatible with all dental procedures and treatments. Whether it’s a general cleaning or an extensive procedure, we’ll find the best method of sedation that fits your needs.

A more important detail that needs to be addressed during your consultation is your medical history. We want to ensure that your body will not react badly to the sedation so that we can complete your treatment safely. We will request your medical history to ensure that you can still be a candidate for sedation dentistry.

Is sedation dentistry safe?

Yes. At Advanced Dental Center of Florence, your safety is our top priority. During your procedure, we’ll be right by your side to monitor any changes and ensure that you’re comfortable and calm. If you have any questions about your comfort and safety, feel free to ask us during your consultation.

Got Another Question? Contact Us Today in Florence, SC

If you have more questions about sedation dentistry in Florence, SC, we encourage you to contact us at Advanced Dental Center of Florence. With our team of experienced dentists, including certified sedation dentists, we would be happy to schedule a consultation for you. During the consultation, we’ll address your fears and anxiety, what treatments you need, and what method of sedation dentistry fits you best.