Visit The Downtown Farmers Market For Your Teeth

Carrot and SmileLast week we talked about how eating more seafood this summer could help support your oral health all season long. Today sedation dentistry Florence, SC dentist Dr. Griffin wants to expand on that topic by talking about some of the most teeth friendly foods available this summer.

Fruits and Veggies Fight For Your Teeth

No, this isn’t an opportunity for us to lecture you on your dieting habits. When we suggest eating more fruits and veggies, we are doing so strictly with the health of your mouth and teeth in mind.

Fruits and veggies contain something called fiber. Fiber is a natural facilitator for the production of saliva in your mouth.

Saliva happens to be your mouth’s natural defense against bacteria. When your mouth has a healthy amount of saliva in it, that saliva does something amazing to bacteria. It has the ability to keep portions of bacteria suspended in a type of liquid prison. When you swallow, those portions of trapped bacteria are then sent down into your belly. Believe it or not, you digestive tract is much better suited for effectively handling bacteria than your teeth and gums are.

Florence Downtown Farmers Market

Now that we know what eating more fruits and veggies this summer can do for your oral health, let’s take a moment to talk about the Florence Downtown Farmer’s market. If you are looking for an exciting and lively place to get all those teeth friendly fruits and veggies, then the downtown farmers market is the place for you. Sure, you can find all the fruits and veggies you need from any local grocery store, but where’s the fun in that?

The Florence Downtown Farmer’s Market is held every Wednesday from April until October. It starts at 3 p.m. and goes until 7 p.m. At this farmer’s market, you will be able to browse a variety of seasonal fruits and veggies from vendors and farmers within 150 miles of Florence, NC. Aside from the food, the Florence Downtown Farmer’s Market also hosts mini-concerts and vendors who are displaying various items like jewelry and accessories.

Quick List of The Foods That Love Your Teeth

In case you are curious about which foods you might want to be looking for at the farmers market, we have created a short list of the most teeth friendly foods  for you to use a reference while shopping.

  • Artichokes: 10.3 grams per medium vegetable, cooked.
  • Peas: 8.8 grams per cup, cooked.
  • Broccoli: 5.1 grams per cup, boiled.
  • Brussels Sprouts: 4.1 grams per cup, boiled.
  • Raspberries: 8 grams per cup, raw.
  • Blackberries: 7.6 grams per cup, raw.
  • Avocados: 6.7 grams per half, raw.
  • Pears: 5.5 grams per medium fruit, raw.

We hope we’ve inspired you to get outside, visit the Florence Downtown Farmer’s Market.

Until next time readers, get outside, buy some veggies, and keep smiling.