Athletes and Dental Care: How Sedation Dentistry Can Help

Hang up your boxing glovesWith all the hype around the Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao boxing match, it got us thinking about the other athletes in our lives. It could be your neighbors, your cousins, or even your children who participate in intramural sports. Regardless of which sport you love, we’re excited that so many residents of Florence, SC love to get out and play. But did you know that athletes, even professional ones like Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao, are even more susceptible to poor oral health? Let’s take a look at why.

Why Do Athletes Have Poor Dental Care?

Athletes are hard workers, there’s not denying that. But with all the sweat and energy they put into their work, they have to make that energy back somehow. Cue the long list of sugary energy drinks and food that they consume during training. Coupled with lax oral health care, this bad combination can result in tooth decay, periodontal disease, and more.

Dentists at the Olympic Games

At the recent London Olympic Games, the village where the athletes resided employed a staff of dozens of dentists, and for good reason. Over 1,000 dental visits were done during the 17-day event, for various reasons such as toothaches, pains, tooth decay, and more. One athlete, Alan Campbell, admitted that his abscessed wisdom tooth may have the been the cause of his poor performance at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, as the infection spread to his shoulder, back, and right knee.

You can read more about this story here.

While not every sports team employs a dentist to care for their athletes’ teeth, it’s up to dentists like us at Advanced Dental Center of Florence to ensure that our athletes’ smiles are in peak shape too.

Athletes Can Use Sedation Dentistry Too!

But what happens if you or another athlete in our community is afraid of the dentist? How do they get the care they need, so that their poor oral health doesn’t impact their performance when it’s game-time? At Advanced Dental Center of Florence, we believe that everyone deserves quality dental care and a healthy smile, regardless of their anxieties. If your athletic side is ready to receive the dental care you need, come pay us a visit and learn about our sedation dentistry options.

Oral conscious sedation takes the form of a few pills that are consumed prior to your treatment. By the time you reach our office you’ll feel relaxed and calm for your procedure. With this treatment, you will still be conscious enough to communicate with us during your treatment, but will be relieved of your anxiety.

Get Back on the Field with Sedation Dentistry

Don’t let your tooth pain or decay keep you from performing your best during the game! In Florence, SC we would be happy to schedule you for a consultation with Dr. Griffin or one of our sedation certified dentists, to help you uncover the best sedation dentistry option for you. Dental anxiety relief is closer than you think, so don’t hesitate to contact us soon.